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Initially, opening a brewery was just a dream for us. We had always wanted to share our love for Craft Beer with the great folks of our community but couldn’t decide how to get started.  As time went by, and after giving away plenty of homebrew to family and friends, made 10 gallons at a time in Dave’s garage, the decision was made to make the leap. The Millers and the Harrisons, neighbors and friends, decided to jump in and start the only production brewery within 50 miles of their home in Pryor, Oklahoma.

Encouraged by other beer nerds like us, who love the art and the science of brewing, we realized that we were all missing out on real, local, craft beer.  The decision was made,  we had to make a move to get our beers out there to share with friends, family, and community.

    As for the name, our brewery is a place where smiles are abundant and neighbors are treated as friends. We wanted a name that doesn’t take itself too seriously and conjures up a happy image, hence Fat Toad Brewing Company!

    We believe in friends, family, community, and responsibly enjoying the wonder that is craft beer. A pint may not save the world, but it’s a start!

We Brew With A Nod To History and a Close Eye On Innovation

Meet The Team

David Miller


Head of Brewing Operations

Angela Miller


Accounting | Merchandising

Chris Harrison


Taproom Manager

Kim Harrison


Advertising | Merchandising

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