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     Introducing family man, assistant principal, sports and music lover, and head brewer, Dave Miller.  Dave has been homebrewing for quite some time as a hobby, is a dreamer at heart, and  wanted to test his vision for a small craft brewery right here in his hometown of Pryor Creek, Oklahoma.

     From the first time he stared at the giant stainless brewing tanks while in college at the original Bricktown Brewery in OKC, Dave has been fascinated by hand crafted beer and its multitude of styles and flavors. It just took a while to get the dream started.

     Dave has relentlessly worked on recipes that are now mainstays at the taproom. With the dream stored in the back of his mind for many years, and now making up for lost time as his kids have gotten older, Dave heads up all brewery operations at Fat Toad Brewing. He gets much needed help from his his wife Angela, and his buddies Chris and Kim.  Dave enjoys many styles of beer, but rarely is he without a porter in the fridge.

David Miller
Head of Brewing Operations
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